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circusBear started to step his feet into live entertainment & cultural sector since 2014. Live entertainment not only limits to concerts, but also include all kinds of music festivals, Broadway musical shows, themed carnivals, and exhibitions, etc.   Apart from promoting and facilitating deals with investors and sponsors, circusBear also assists clients to organize shows or performances upon their requests.    

Since 2014, circus classic limited is proudly appointed by one of the top live entertainment company Colorful Day Live Entertainment CHINA (headquarter locates in Beijing) as its sole marketing agency in the Greater China region.  Moreover, circusBear is also in good collaboration relationship with AMI Live Entertainment, a top globally live entertainment company.

AMI Live Entertainment Holdings (a.k.a. Aron Music International Spa in Latin America and Europe) specialized in sourcing, presenting and organizing live entertainment in Latin America, Europe and Asia. It offers live music concerts, performance theatres, exhibitions, large scale sporting and family events, etc.  Since 2008, it has produced more than 4,000 shows and sold over 3.5 million tickets.  Revenue of the group had grown at over 23% (CAGR) since inception.



With the formation of a holdings corporation in Singapore 2013, AMI began its evolution from a show organizer to a 360 entertainment ecosystem provider – the first one-stop provider in the industry covering all facets from artist management, sponsorship, show production to ticketing, and venue management.

Colorful Day Group (a.k.a. CD Group) was established in Beijing with its headquarter moved to Hong Kong in 2014. 

First project in 2014 was Lady Gaga’s first show ever in Dubai!  It achieved massive success!  Thereafter CD Group was appointed by Tencent Holdings Limited, one of the biggest internet company in China, to organize their annual events for the next three years.

In August 2015, a leading Korean entertainment company, YG United Korea authorized CD Group as the organizer of BIGBANG Tour Shenzhen & Jakarta stops.  It brought great attention in the industry.  By the end of 2015, CD Group created more great K-Pop shows at Shanghai such as RAIN and Jang Keun-Suk. 

A2LiVE was first founded in Shanghai.  It is recognized as the leading force of the electronic dance music (EDM) in China.  It scales up into an industry–leading cross border platform so to introduce an extraordinary EDM experience into Asia regions.


In 2013, A2LiVE founded STORM Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai, the first and largest outdoor EDM show in China. Not only it sets a global standard benchmark for the Chinese EDM industry, it makes EDM fast proliferated in China.  In the second year of STORM, it drew an attendance record with 35,000 revelers!  This festival also be the first who partnered an established Chinese singer, Wang Leehom with a top Swedish DJ Avicii in making a duo’s track “Lose Myself’.

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