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Tama and Freinds

Sony Creative Products (SCP) was established in 1978. From this period towards the 80’s, a craze of ‘fancy goods’ has became popular among teenage girls. The production of ‘fancy character’ became epidemic. When SCP was in process of developing a character(s) for Tama, an employee at the time created a poster for his lost pet (cat), and posted on the bulletin board, This idea/poster soon became the main design concept of the character development. While the use of pastel colors and the English language (words) were trendy at the time, to give the image of traditional Japanese cat, the child-like hand writing style was used to give familiarity of the local cityscape. 

In 1983, the debut of this sensational character was decided.It soon became a hit character not only children but also among students, and working women in Japan.

©Sony Creative Products Inc.
©Sony Creative Products Inc.
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